Thursday, 3 April 2014

How to add Youtube video on blog

The YouTube videos play a major role in Blogger .It helps to viewer how to know about an idea about the blog post easily. this  video trips you will see blog persons that helps to your blog visitor number increased per day .you can never upload through it and save your data with them .more attraction about the blog and  
your websites and you can earn money them very easily through likes,following,tweet,feed ........etc . Here i say how will add video on blog post on never upload .i describe through a few steps with the help of picture and videos

How to add blog post YouTube video on never upload

  • Log on the blogger
  • Create new post 
  • Click on the insert new video

  • Click on the from URL

  • The YouTube URL Should you want paste it

  • Now you will get you should want video
  • Now you select the video 
Now you should complete the steps

How will add blog YouTube video (video tutorial)

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